We are committed to empowering our neighbors to create flourishing neighborhoods.

The work of a faith community within a neighborhood is instrumental to seeing true and lasting transformation. The work of justice and advocacy is key to this lasting change. We can’t DO the work of community transformation without also at the same time, challenging the unjust systems that oppress people.

We create what we call Collaboratives committed to work in a specific neighborhood, empowering people found in that neighborhood & partnering resources, people & funding to accomplish this work. A Collaborative creates an intersection where difference and common ground can come together.

Our Approach

Mutual Partnerships – We intensionally partner with faith communities, businesses & non-profits seeking Shalom within a neighborhood

Neighborhood Focused – The footprint of the work is lead by the people who live in the neighborhood.

Empowered People – People who believe in themselves can accomplish anything and transform their community.

Financially Stable – We use three streams of funding; business creation, donations & grants. Partners giving together to accomplish the goal.

Current Collaboratives:

9th & Turner Allentown, Pa

  • Live Free; Reentry without Limits – Prison Reentry workforce & entrepreneurial development training class
  • New Business Venture; A Bread Share

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