Our Mission is to connect, equip and empower leaders to create neighborhoods that flourish. We believe that every organization found within a neighborhood, has something to offer within the work of justice. Churches, businesses, non-profits and those for the common good can come together and transform a community.

Our Values

God Centered and Justice rooted. Is. 61 & Lk 4

People Matter to God so they matter to us. All people. James 2

Real Relationships that build bridges around multi-faith, multi-cultural and multi-denominational intersections to create change in – access to opportunity, economic development and local leadership development. Act 2 & Jer. 29:7

Empowerment that builds the capacity of people and cultivates mutual partnerships that result in more just communities. Deut. 24 and Lev. 19

Our Focus

Collaboratives – multi-faith, multi-cultural and multi-denominational groups that come together focused on and comprised of the neighborhood, to create a more just-community- spiritually, relationally and economically.

Entrepreneurial Training at the neighborhood level partnering businesses, non- profits and faith communities together – to equip the next generation of work- force and business leaders.

Community Organizing with faith leaders at the forefront and in the fight for social change.

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